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I'm Cameron Ruggles. The founder of this site;, and this store front; Fungible.

Here is a picture of me with Casey Williams Hardison and me with an Oyster Mushroom Grow Kit that I have for sale.

I have several years experience in e-commerce, order fulfillment, growing mushrooms, composting, gardening, and growing difficult plants.

I currently have a laminar flow hood, several pressure cookers, and have sourced bulk cheap quantities for straw, hardwood sawdust, field aged horse manure, vermiculite, gypsum, hard wood chips, and I have the means to produce more than 100 pounds of hydrated and sterilized rye grain per day as well as large quantities of properly shredded and pasteurized straw, and other "ready to spawn to" bulk substrates.

So, I hope to be replacing your current mycology supplier by offering quicker shipping and lower prices.

This is along side selling cultures in the form of culture tubes, petri dishes, colonized grain, grow kits, agar wedges, and as liquid cultures.

Contact me for any reason: [email protected]