20 Seeds Pterocarpus Marsupium Indian Kino Tree Malabar Kino Tree.Kino Tree Seeds

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Description Pterocarpus Marsupium Common Name : Indian Kino Tree Malabar Kino Tree Kino Botanical Name : PTEROCARPUS MARSUPIUM ROXB. Common Name : INDIAN KINO TREE MALABAR KINO TREE KINO Part Used : HEART WOOD LEAVES FLOWERS Uses : The heart wood is astringent bitter acrid anti inflammatory anthelmintic anodyne. It is considered as magical for Diabities. It turns the water blue as soon as it comes in contact with the water. It is good for elephantiasis leucoderma diarrhoea dysentary rectalgia cough and greyness of hair. Pack Contains 15 Seeds Available In Bulk Also Contact Us For More Details [email protected]
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