• 30 Spawn Filter Patch Bag 12.8"x19" 0.5 micron filter

30 Spawn Filter Patch Bag 12.8"x19" 0.5 micron filter
30 Spawn Filter Patch Bag 12.8"x19" 0.5 micron filter

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30 spawn bags, which are often called filter patch spawn bags, and are manufactured by Unicorn Imp. & Mfg. Corp.

These thirty spawn bags are perfect for spawn production and growing a wide variety of edible, medicinal, and exotic mushrooms with a wide variety of substrates such as wood, grain, straw, compost, and manure.

They have the dimensions of 12.8 inch wide X 19 inch long. To keep in moisture, allow for fresh air exchange, and to keep contaminants out, they have a 0.5 micron Type 14A filter 1-5/8 square inches in size. They are reusable, being able to not only withstand but stay soft and easy to seal after heat treatment in an autoclave for six hours at 262°F (125°C).

Made of a durable special blend of polypropylene to allow for translucency, prevent cracking, and hole formation during the cultivation process.

*Note* These are gusseted bags- meaning they have folds on the sides which allows for the bag to open into more of a square or box shape, this is advantageous and aids in keeping the bags upright and holding the material. So while these spawn bags are 12.8 inches wide by 19 inches long, they have folds making them only 8 inches wide and another side about 4.8 inches wide.

They go by a few different names:
Spawn bags
Unicorn bags
Filter Patch bags
mycology bags
grow bags.

They are great for growing shiitake, nameko, enoki, oyster, agaricus, and all sorts of other mushrooms

If you have any questions at all, please contact us and we will get back with you as soon as possible (likely within less than 24 hours)

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