50 Seeds Albizia moluccana Syn.:Abizia falcataria Seeds

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Description Timber tree "one of the quickest-growing trees of Malaysia. It is highly regarded as shade tree sometimes used for coffee shade. It has also been used to shade tea in Java but its rapid growth may damage the tea during drought. It has been suggested as cover for mine spoil. The wood is described as soft but suitable for tea boxes. In Hawaii during the 1970's about 1000000 board feet were rotary peeled and processed for core stock. It is used for matches match boxes packing cases lightweight pallets shelves and other general uses for certain grades of paper. It can substitute for pinewood as a pulping source. Pulp: The fiber averages 1.15 mm long with thin walls giving it flexibility and good fiber to fiber bonding in paper. The soft low-density wood is easy to chip and yields much pulp with relatively low chemical input. Because of its light color only minimum bleaching is required to achieve a good white paper. The woods are nonsiliceous usually light colored with some open pores and produce a sawdust that may cause sneezing. The wide ranging roots are said to taint the water supply with their peculiar nauseous odor.
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