50 Seeds CAJANUS cajanus Pigeon Pea

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Description Synonyms Cajanus bicolour DC. Cajanus indicus Spreng. Cajanus flavus DC. Cytisus cajan An erect woody annual or short-lived perennial shrub or small tree 1�4 m tall with a deep taproot (to 2 m). Young stems are angled and pubescent. Leaves trifoliate alternate set in a spiral around the stem; leaflets oblong lanceolate 2�10 cm long and 2�4 cm wide pubescent; discolourous - green above greyish-green below. Lateral petioles 2�3 mm long terminal one 10�20 mm; stipules linear 2�3 mm long. Flowers usually yellow sometimes with purple or red streaks or plain red; calyx 10�12 mm long with 5 linear teeth. Pods flat acuminate pubescent 5�9 cm long 12�13 mm wide containing 2�9 oval to round seeds varying in colour from light beige to dark brown. 16000�18000 seeds/kg.
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