lab glassware kit - 24/40 - primary Organic chemistry glassware kit - lab glassware

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Description lab glassware kit,24/40,primary Organic chemistry glassware kit ,lab glassware 1 Our laboratory glassware is made of 3.3 borosilicate glass. Due to the low linear coefficient of thermal expansion (3.3 x 10^-6/K or 32×10^-7/℃) this borosilicate glass is an ideal choice for fabricating laboratory glassware. It's annealing point is 560℃, and has a softening point of 820℃. 2 The thickness of the flask wall is 2.5mm. 3 All of the joint is 24/40,This kits has 17 kinds of parts as below: 1.25ml round bottom flask 1pc 2.50ml round bottom flask 1pc 3.100ml round bottom flask 1pc 4. 250ml round bottom flask 1pc 5.500ml round bottom flask 1pc 6.Claisen adapter 1pc 7.3-way Distillation adapter,75° 1pc 8.Vacuum take-off adapter 1pc 9.thomometer adapter 1pc 10.200MM Liebig condenser 1pc 11.200MM Vigreux Distillation Column 1pc 12.125ml Separatory funnel 1pc 13.Hexagonal hollow glass stopper 5pcs 14.accuracy thermometer 1pc 15.Bleed tube 1pc 16.plastic ground joint clamp 10pcs 17.PH Indicator Paper PH 1-14 2Pack(160PCS) all of the above parts can be substitute with the parts which customer require We can provide special shape,special wall,special capacity heavy wall laboratory glassware and other joint size; We almost have all other kinds of laboratory instrument,if you have any request feel free contact us.
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