LSD Blotter Art Eco-Pendant with LSD Molecule - Eye of Horus - Glows blue in the Dark

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Description This aquamarine blue Eye of Horus LSD Blotter Art pendant is lovingly handcrafted using the highest quality Eco-friendly resin that money can buy. An LSD molecule floats below the blotter art, suspended as if in amber, a lost relic of another time. The pendant glows bright blue in the dark, a trippy piece of hidden knowledge that you'll forget about, but then be reminded of at the most perfect of moments. Shamanic Harmonics pioneered the synthesis of LSD blotter art jewelry almost a decade ago, and is consistently in the lab working to bring you unique pieces of art that speak to the core of who YOU are. Each pendant goes through a seven step creation process and takes about a week to make. It measures approx 1.75in x 1.0in and comes with a simple satin cord you can use as a necklace. You can also upgrade to a stainless steel chain for an additional $15 (styles and lengths of chains change based on current stock) - available in 20' and 24" lengths - please specify in the order instructions if you have a preference. Shipping is $2.50 for 1st class, or $5.25 for priority mail with tracking anywhere in the US. International shipping is $8.50. Blotter Art and Psychedelic Molecule Pendants - The Long Strange Trip I began collecting blotter art around 20 years ago, buying my first print in the early 1990s. For years I dreamed about how cool it would be to make necklace pendants with blotter art, but for many years it remained just a dream. I tried many different methods, but for a long time had no luck creating a piece of jewelry that I was proud of. As so many things in life are the manifestation of chance, one day in 2008, almost by accident I stumbled across a method of making pendants using a material called resin. My first attempts at making resin blotter art pendants were not so great, but I immediately saw the potential. I loved the idea of encasing the blotter art in resin, it reminded me of the movie Jurassic Park, and the prehistoric mosquito preserved for the future in amber. It was like I was doing the same for psychedelic history. The addition of the psychedelic molecules to the line of pendants came one day in 2009 in the middle of an unrelated conversation. The idea hit me in a flash of inspiration and soon I was able to incorporate the psychedelic sacramental molecules that have held a special place in my heart into my art. Blotter art is a very unique type of art medium. Each image can represent and connect a person to a very specific day, night or time in their life. Blotter art has the power to evoke some of life's most powerful, challenging and beautiful experiences, unlocking memories from the past. By making blotter art and psychedelic molecule pendants, something physical that people wear close to their hearts, I hope to crystallize those memories and allow them to be more accessible. One of the really fun things about the pendants is that they are very discrete, most people would never know exactly what they are, or what they represent unless they are explicitly TOLD what it is. The people who do know without being told - we'll they most likely are already "initiates." Over the years, I've found that I learn something new with each batch of pendants I make. This learning process continues to this day with each new pendant I make. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist and throw out pendants where the blotter art or molecules do not lay perfectly aligned. I always strive for the highest in quality. Each pendant is hand made. The depth and richness of the colors, the amount of glow in the dark and iridescence in each pendant makes it unique, and almost impossible to duplicate exactly. We thank you so much for your interest in our art. Each purchase helps us to build our dream one step at a time. Please see our other listings for unique handmade psychedelia.