Pleurotus citrinopileatus ( Edible) Golden Oyster- 60mm Petri Dish Culture

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Description All cultures are isolated from wild specimens. The cultures are pure and free of any contaminates. Mild Agar work has been done to isolate a culture that is ready to fruit. No more than 3 transfers have been done to any of my cultures to prevent senescence. Agar dishes are made with MYA Agar recipe. Cultures are transferred from a master culture and incubated for 7 days. After which they are bagged and placed in refrigeration for long term storage. I will only sell agar cultures that are less than 30 days from being fully colonized. Any cultures after this date are discarded. Depending on availability, some agar cultures will take a week after payment for shipping. Please contact me about availability and shipping times for these products.
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