PTFE Stirrer - 250MM - Diamet​er 6MM - Paddle 40MM - Stain​less Steel with Teflon Coat

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Description This product could be able to hold plade according to the is formed by pressing of PTFE powder.Made with fine Craftwork.the road and the core rod do not loose,make it stable We have the sizes as below,if you need them,feel free contact with us OD Length Plade Length Used on the Flask 6MM 250MM 40MM 100ML 6MM 250MM 40MM 250ml 7MM 300MM 75MM 500ML 7MM 350MM 75MM 1000ML 7MM 400MM 95MM 2000ML 7MM 450MM 95MM 3000ML 7MM 500MM 110MM 5000ML 7MM 600MM 120MM 10000ML 10MM 800MM 150MM 20000ML
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