The three syringes you receive will be drawn from our growing culture library that currently has over 66 different mushroom strains ranging from edible, medicinal, carnivorous, bio-luminescent and ones that find use in bio-remediation. The free replacement syringe comes upon your request and is your choice, so long as you have received the requested culture previously.

About the Media & 10ml Liquid Culture Syringes

Liquid Culture Syringes
All liquid culture syringes are made with the most care possible to produce the longest lasting and highest quality product. They come sealed in an air tight plastic bag, capped with a proper non-leaking syringe cap, and come with a separately packaged sterile needle. They come with at least 10ml of liquid culture, and 1-2mls of air. This is so you can shake and properly breakup the clumping mycelium to ensure that even the smallest drop of liquid is able to inoculate the substrate.

The Culture Media
The sugar solution is approximately 1.5% to increase lifespan of the syringes. The lifespan is often more than a year, though this depends on species & storage conditions.

The solution is properly sterilized at 15 PSI for 30 minutes in a pressure cooker. As the sterilizer cools off, the jars seal and form a vacuum. This vacuum is not released until inoculation, and it is done so using a sterile 0.2 micron filter syringe under a laminar flowhood in a clean room.

The liquid culture solution is inoculated, incubated, and then extracted under a laminar flowhood in a clean room. All nearby surfaces are wiped down with hydrogen peroxide while wearing gloves. We treat the air with an aerosol of propylene glycol before work to kill all air born bacteria in the clean room.

About the Cultures

Each culture you receive will be a clean axenic culture of the species stated, or we will ship you a replacement completely free of charge or refund you in full (including shipping). We use batch numbers and if we find a specific batch is mislabeled or otherwise: you'll be notified immediately and a replacement will be sent automatically. (Quality is no joke when you're inoculating as a small mistake at the start can be a disaster later on!)

The cultures here have been obtained from a variety of places, and we believe to the best available. Many have come directly from Aloha Medicinal, Sporeworks, Fungi Perfecti, commercial growers, and active mycologists.

Not all cultures available can be grown easily as some require unique conditions and symbiotic relationships with plants and bacteria, but when possible we try to ensure that all of the cultures have been fruited, and produce desirable results. These tests have either been done by ourselves or from those who we obtained the initial culture.

Many sellers of edible mushrooms do not properly prevent their cultures from degrading. We have outlined our strategy and method to ensure that we are offering the best samples available to us:

How we store our liquid cultures:
Long Term Storage (greater than 1 year):

We store our main cultures in a cryobank at -80*C in distilled water with 25% glycerol added. We pull from this bank once per year.

1 Year:
Each culture is stored in two different ways, the first is in distilled water at 0-4 C inside a capped syringe. The other is inside a capped syringe at -20C in distilled water with 25% glycerol as a cryoprotectant.

1 Month:

Each month we pull from our 1 year storage and make liquid culture from it using 5% Karo Syrup. Once the liquid culture has a good quantity of mycelium in it, the liquid culture syringes are made and stored at 4 degrees celcius.
Culture Quality Control:Most of our commercial strains are obtained directly from companies such as Aloha Medicinals, Mycelia.be, and AMYCEL/SPAWNMATE, INC. These strains are renewed from the source as often as needed and may not follow our long term storage strategy.

Exceptons to Storage Rules:
As we offer many species that do not have specific commercial strains, we buy multiple sources of each strain, often from experienced mycologists who have found and isolated them from wild samples. We then test the wild samples against one another and use the best strain as the culture we offer.

While we cannot properly test all strains on different substrates and different fruiting conditions to determine which strain has the highest biological efficiency, we do look for certain characteristics that are highly suggestive about which is the better strain. Some of these variables include strong rhizomorphic growth, faster growth, and formation of primordia, sclerotia, or color formation on agar when applicable.

Some cultures, such as tropical mushroom strains do not tolerate the 4*C to -20*C cold storage effectively. We use a different method for these which is to have their mycelium in sterilized distilled water in a sealed syringe at room temperature.