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H-12155 - For use with Aspirator Filter Pumps with 3/8" NPT thread. Brass construction.

This is an adapter that perfectly connects the H-12020 Chapman, Swirling-Type, Nickel-plated Humboldt Aspirator Filter Pump to standard garden hose thread.

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One Humboldt Filter Pump Aspirator

This aspirator is also known as an eductor-jet pump, Injector/Ejector, Filter pump, water-jet pump or a Venturi pump. They are used for vacuum generation and suction.

Humboldt Aspirator Filter Pumps offer excellent performance for vacuum filtration under both high and low water pressure conditions. They also find use for vacuum distillation and dessication as it significantly lowers the boiling point and sublimation temperatures of substances. The pumps feature a ball-type, positive-action valve in the suction tube which aids in preventing water backflow if the pressure is reduced.

This H-12020 Chapman, Swirling-Type, Nickel-plated aspirator is designed for greater air entrainment capacity, the water inlet has 3/8" NPT tapered threads. The length of this aspirator is 5-3/8" or 137mm. The nozzle and end part of the suction tube are aluminum, while the body is composed of a chrome plated and chemical resistant metal. The vacuum inlet has a small hole preventing the inner workings of the aspirator from being clogged by large materials that may get sucked up.

If 25 °C (77 °F) water is used the aspirator is able to pull a vacuum of 3.2 kPa which is 0.46 psi or 32 mbar. If the water used it colder than 25 °C, it can pull an even stronger vacuum. Generally when in use it can easily boil water at room temperature.